Swiss Army Man Review ( WTF to the extreme)


Wow!!!! What can I say about this one? Well This is a beautifully shot film. The score is amazingly well thought out. The story line is well…….100% WTF but is oddly adorable there is no other words to describe it. The simplest way to look at this movie is ” Weekend at Bernie’s” meets “Castaway” ? Daniel Radcliffe has an outstanding performance which is hard to say considering he plays a dead body that is washed up on shore ( That’s right Harry Potter is a dead body). Paul Dano performance was Sweet, Empathetic and touching ( and that’s him playing a suicidal, stalker, weirdo so props). This Movie is going to be a hard sell for me to get you to buy in that this film is actually a master piece. Please just watch it! trust me once you get into it and get past the first ten minutes of farting ( I know hard sell) just let your disbelief drop and this movie will move you. It deals with big subjects like Death, Life, Suicide, Love, Insecurity, Relationships, Society in a whole different and conscientious way. It will defiantly make you laugh out loud and hard and every few minutes you will say WTF and even get grossed out a little ( more likely alot). Give this movie a chance though I watched it in 2017 turns out this is one of my favorite films from 2016 .



My Top Ten Must See Movies of 2017

Well I tried to get it down to 10. There are over 45 movies that I am interested in that are currently scheduled for release in 2017. I did knock down the list to 17 that I have to see. 2017 looks like its going to be a good year for this film geek. Check out my list ordered by earliest scheduled release date. Let me know what you are looking forward to seeing in  2017.

  1. Split split

I know, I know M. Night Shyamalan! but don’t let that stop you he storyline offered in the trailer is quite intriguing and James McAvoy may have an oscar worthy performance in just the trailer. I am skeptical cause it is a M.Night movie but maybe just maybe he got this one right.

Check out the trailer: Split trailer

2. Logan  logan

OLD MAN LOGAN!!!! this could be the Wolverine movie we fans have been waiting for and the debut of X23 can’t wait

Check out the trailer Logan Trailer

3. T2 Trainspotting t2

The original was a cult classic that flushed us into he dream like world of Heroin. can lightning strike twice? as a huge fan of the original I can’t wait to see this.

Check out the Trainspotting trailer T2: Trainspotting

4. Kong: Skull Island kong

THE KING is back. This reboot looks promising and the rumours of a kong vs Godzilla movie make the prospect of this film is filled with anticipation.

Check out the trailer Kong: skull island trailer

5. Beauty and the Beast beauty

To be fair I was not sure about all the Disney remakes in live action until I saw Jungle Book now I can’t wait for all of them

check out the trailer Beauty and the beast trailer

6. Ghost in the shell ghost

Between this and the reboot of IT I don’t  know which movie I want to see more.

check out the trailer Ghost in the shell trailer

7. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 guard

The first was great the trailer makes me belive this one can be to.

Check out this trailer

8. Alien: Covenant alien

Ridley Scott is back baby. This looks likes the Alien franchise is going back to its roots and I love that tagline “RUN”

Check out the Trailer Alien: Covenant trailer

9. Wonder Women ww

DC making one for the empowered women out there. Nice to see a super hero movie that is female stand alone. Trailer looks good lets see if the theatrical cut is good.

Check out Trailer Wonder Women Trailer

10. Cars 3 car

My son has loved these films and I can’t wait for the next installment

Check out the trailer cars 3 trailer

11. Spider-man: Homecoming spider-man

I like the new kid playing spider-man. I also like that i is not an origin story. It looks amazing and finally they will have vulture

Check out the trailer Spider-man Trailer

12. War of the planet of apes war

These prequels have been amazing. The CGI looks outstanding and it has woody as a bad guy expectations are high.

Check out the trailer war of the apes trailer

13. IT!


No trailer for this one yet but since the original is one of my all time favorite Horror films I’m on edge. The sills look amazing Pennywise looks terrorising.

14. Blade Runner 2049


A Sci-fi classic being run by the originals this could be the year of Ridley Scott

check out the trailer Blade runner trailer

15. Friday the 13th friday

Another horror classic remake I hope this one is good no trailer yet

16. Justice League justice

DC Team movie have to see it bu worried

Check out the trailer Justice league Trailer

17. Star Wars VIII star

Hellllllll Yeahhhhh!

Nov 18 theatrical release my top picks and trailers for all of them


Fantastic beasts and were to find them transports us all back to the wildly popular world of J.K. Rowlings world of magic, wizards and muggles. This one does take us across the pond to see America’s part of the world. This is the blockbuster for this week and one of my top picks. Check out the trailer here fantastic beasts trailer.


My other top pic is kind of obscure one. Officer Downe  is based on Joe Casy’s Violent graphic novel of the same name. If you are into Violent graphic novels cheesy 80’s action one liners and stupid crazy action this one will sure to be a blast unfortunately it will have limited release so that sucks. Check out the trailer here officer downe trailer

Check out the other releases and there trailers

The edge of seventeen trailer

Bleed for this trailer

a street cat named bob trailer

Manchester by sea trailer

Director Robert Eggers signs on to Nosferatu remake


F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu is getting a remake and Robert Eggers director of The Witch just announced on filmmaker toolkit podcast that he has signed on to the project. Though the Witch is not high on my list of horror movies but his film style could mesh well with the silent films story.

Ghost in the shell releases trailer


I was excited about this movie way back when the only thing I knew was that Scarlett Johansson was cast as the lead. This trailer has blown my expectations right out of the water. The 1995 animated film directed Mamoru Oshii was a visually stunning master piece and it looks like the new hollywood live action can rival it check out the trailer hereGhost in the shell trailer

Release date for Mar 29 2017 (can’t wait)

Harley Quinn film Gets up and coming writer Christina Hodson


Christina Hodson Writer for The Eden Project, The fugitive reboot and the new transformers spinoff bumble bee has signed on to write the new Harley Quinn Movie. Now it is not supposed to be a stand alone film rather Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be in another DC team up. This time the Birds of Prey an all female super hero team. It’s early days on this one but its off to a good start with the new up and coming writer.

Info Sourced from the wrap



New Underworld Trailer released


Kate Beckinsale is Back reprising her role as Selene our favorite Vampiric Death Dealer in the new installment of the Underworld Franchise check out the new trailer here Underworld: blood wars :

set for release Nov 24 2016